Long overdue for an update here and I have to be quick - The HDB is headin out TOMORROW - check the LIVE Page - Link to a new song "Keep On Playin"

Skinny Richie finished another song "The Profiteer" BIG Thanks to Michael Brunnock again for his stellar Lead Vocals - My HDB Bandmate David "Deeps" Patterson for the "Inverted Jigs and PolyRhythmic Reels" - Teddy Kumpel for the very musical Mix - and Alan Silverman from Arf Digital for his equally musical Mastering!

More News to come when I have more time to post it!!!  BE WELL .... Ciao4 Now



The HDB is headin out for an End of Summer 2015 Soiree ...dates, locations and times are below. Hope to see you!!!

Friday 8/28 Chicago Il. Moe's Tavern

Sat 8/29 Glenview Il. The Rock House

Sunday 8/30 Lake Geneva WI. Studio Winery

Mon 8/31 Madison WI. The Frequency

Tues 9/1 Minneapolis MN. Lee's Liquor Lounge

Thurs 9/3 Duluth MN. The Red Star

Sat 9/5 Menasha WI. The Source Public House

Other Upcoming Musical Projects...

Happy to be back in the studio with Mike Acerbo; getting his latest collection of songs ready for tracking. Full Production to commence in the fall with Ben Lindell Co Producing and Engineering. Here's the First Single from Mike's Debut The Search

Funny how life ebbs and flows and brings us back together with people we are meant to reconnect with! I went to hear my pal Leah Coloff performing songs from her latest; This Tree, and Mike Acerbo was hangin out. We talked about music and life, and as he put it, "you scratched my itch!" Leah and I played on Mike's Debut Recording and now we'll be back in the studio working together again. I'm a "happy camper!"   Skinny Richie is hoping to get Leah on his next song "Family." Coincidence that the song is called "Family????" Hmmm…

More Perc. overdubs for The HDB's next recording ….coming SOON #swampaloo

Lastly …happy to be continuing my musical collaborations with DECOSTER. He has a new batch of songs Mastered and ready to drop soon and we are already working on a new collection of tunes. Exploring a new musical direction with me playing a "hybrid kit" … Kick Drum,  Zarb, Udu Drum, and Assorted Percussion. Paul singing and playing Guitar ….DUO Style.

ROCK On Peeps....


Recent Sessions Drumming and Percussing @ 

MONOLisa Studios for

Bree And The Whatevers

The Halley DeVestern Band for a soon to be released E.P. currently titless ……#swampaloo  Drummed for Lawrence Cooley @ Mighty Toad Studios with the most awesome 

Tony Tino  on bass and hat; LOVE me some TT!! The track is still in the Recording/Editing phase of Production. KILLER tune, so stay tuned for that one!

Skinny Richie has another tune, "The Profiteer" all tracked and ready to be mixed by a yet to be chosen Mix Engineer …..honestly, because I don't have the extra funds @ the moment! 

Michael Brunnock once again turned out a stellar vocal performance and continues to help me get the songs from "Changes" DONE! Thank you MB..


The NU Millennium Trap Case Project continues to move forward… Feeling blessed that I was able to find William Watts and

BlackBox Mfg. to build Prototype 2.0, which will most closely represent the marketable version. As far as securing the Patent, I'm prosecuting it myself and just sent off the Amendments to the Application requested by the Examiner @ The USPTO …he's a swell dude so far, so I feel lucky there!! For anyone reading this and thinking they can't start something VERY New in their 40's ……well, I say, YOU CAN.


ROCK On.......


Skinny Richie is slowly but surely finishing the songs from his collection entitled "CHANGES"  .......Here's "Dr Time"  It's looking like Skinny will be working with Michael Brunnock on another song very soon, "The Profiteer" Feeling blessed...he's amazing! 


 Thanks to Teddy Kumpel     Mixing/Mastering 

 Steve Jabas    Cool Guitar Overdubs and 

Denise Barbarita    Live Drum Tracking








Happy Summer 2014 Peeps…….

Here are some of the recent happenings…  Drummed on these Released EP's and Albums:

Lucy Kalantari  "Pockets Full Of Joy"
Listen HERE:  Soundcloud

Purchase HERE: I Tunes

The Televisionaries  "Stay Tuned" (Vol 1)
Listen HERE:  The Televisionaries

This recording has not been distributed yet but I have a few copies….."nudge nudge …wink wink!"   Click that CONTACT Button!!!

Skinny Richie "Changes"
My Songwriter/Producer alter ego…..
This is the second Mastered Track to be released ……

One of the many goals of this Project is to work with some of my Favorite Voices and with this in mind,  I will be tracking the "hauntingly beautiful" voice of Michael Brunnock for the next song "Dr. Time"
In the meantimeLISTEN to Michael sing one of my favorite songs of his…..HERE: Man Overboard

I've FINALLY gotten the Patent Filed for my "NU MILLENNIUM TRAP CASE" I built a Prototype and have been using it for over a year now and it hasn't fallen apart!  PHEW …..I've got a lot of time and Benjamins invested in this project, thanks POP!! Necessity truly is the mother of invention in this case ….har har!!  After MANY years of lugging gear using carts, dollies and outdated Trap Case Designs this sucka is a Godsend. I can't wait to share it with the Drumming Community ….more on that to come!!!



Well, Skinny Richie tried to exercise President Obama's mantra of "Hope" ....and hoped to find someone to produce a video for the first completed song from his collection of songs entitled "Changes" But alas, when your video budget is $0.00 and you're tired of waiting for hope to manifest itself into a proper budget,  you roll up your digital sleeves and make a video yourself .....and here it is "Love Is Calling" Hope you dig it!!


Gratitude .....

The most hard hitting and informative NYC style Music Blog, The Joy Of Violent Movement ...

has done a Review/ Q & A on The HDB and the making of our latest disc FABBO BOFFO SMASHO

  "The Joy Of Violent Movement" is the work of NYC Veteran Music Blogger William Helms …the dude knows his sh&^%&*   ROCK On peeps!!!



Denise Barbarita & The Morning Papers have a cut on the newly released compilation “All These Noises, Volume One" Brought to you by TJO Presents , our Booking Agent,  and StarBeat Music!

TJO Presents are great to work with and this compilation features many of the bands on their roster.

LISTEN & GET IT Here: Bandcamp