PHOTO By Bob Barbarita

Rich Kulsar [rhymes with Pulsar

Is a journeyman Drummer / Percussionist based in NYC.  He records and performs live with well known and not as well known, but soon to be more well known .... yet nonetheless; very talented artists and musicians. 


Here's a few he's had the pleasure to drum with:  

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)  

Micky Dolenz (The Monkee's)  

Norah Jones  

Bruce Cockburn  

Gavin Degraw  

Shirley Alston Reeves (Original Lead Singer of The Shirelles)  

Q- Tip (A Tribe Called Quest)  

Bobby Harden (The Blues Brothers) 

Blood Sweat & Tears  

David Murray  

Michael Blake   

The Zen Tricksters  

Vassar Clements (The Father of Hillbilly Jazz) 

Rick Danko (The Band)

David Phelps (International Orange)

George Porter Jr. (The Meters) 

Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley (MD for Sam Moore)  

Thomas Hutchings (The CNP Horns) 

Indofunk Satish (The CNP Horns) 

Oz Noy    

Jeff Kazee (Southside Johnny)  

Matt Garrison (Herbie Hancock) 

Tomo Fujita  (John Mayer)  

David Patterson (Shawn Mullins/Halley DeVestern) 

Gene Ess (Ravi Coltrane)  

Wayne Avers (MD for Micky Dolenz)  

Deni Bonet (Cyndi Lauper)  

Dave Revels (The Persuasions)  

Noam Weinstein  

Kristi Martel  

Tom Burris (Jabbering Trout)  

Leah Coloff (Lou Reed) 

Uncle Carl  

Halley DeVestern (Big Brother & The Holding Co.)  

Skip Brevis (S.B. Creative Inc.)

Luca "Groove Master" Tozzi

Mark Mancini (Chuck Berry) 

Alvin Moody (Gavin DeGraw) 

Joe Deninzon (Stratospheerius)  

Chris Milletari (OLINDA)

Mike Acerbo  

Tony Tino (Gavin Degraw)  

Ann Klein (Ani DeFranco)  

Byron Isaacs (Levon Helm Band/ Ollabelle) 

David Weintraub (The Black Sea)  

Serkan (Turkish Pop Star)  

Kyle Turner (Kyoti/creator of Hard Hop Swing)  

John Roggi (Bebel Gilberto) 

Kelsey Warren (pILLOW tHEORY)  

Steve Jabas (Josh Charles)  

Chris Tedesco (Skip Brevis Band)  

Teddy Kumpel (Teddy Kumpel Loopestra)  

Steve Logan (Hiram Bullock Band) 

Lord Bishop (The King Of Sex Rock)


Producer / Engineers he's worked with: 

John Alagia

Daniel Wise

Robert L. Smith

John Plymale

Adam "RED" Lasus

Aaron Steinberg

Martin Bisi

Denise Barbarita

Greg Thompson

Ben Lindell

Matthew Weiss

Mat Leland

Michael Costanzo

Barry Hartglass

Jim Clouse

Willie Weist

Ken Rich

Steve Addabbo


Rich has songs placed on television by Heavy Hitters Music and Skinny Richie, his Songwriter / Producer self is in the process of finishing a new collection of songs/tracks.